Celebrities, Artists and many television shows have blessed the streets of San Miguel. San Miguel was a favourite town of Salvador Dali, the back drop to Jack Kerouac's novel 'On the Road', Toller Cranston's home for over 30 years and the season finale of television series Top Chef.
     San Miguel is a warm and friendly artist committee slightly north of Mexico City. The town has been on many top ten lists of most desired places to live in the world:

     San Miguel is the safest place to travel & live in Mexico. The wonderful quality of life and safety is why San Miguel has a 20k permanent Expat community of Americans, Canadians and Europeans, plus the constant flow of tourists visiting the town year round .
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     The town of San Miguel comes alive at night, with its first class restaurants, bars, art galleries and variety of live music. It is a very safe, fun town; with lots of friendly people to meet.
     There will be free time off our schedule, for you and your friends to discover the beauty and magic of the San Miguel. There a many ATM bank machines in the Centro, if you plan to do a little shopping. The town is true to its title, Mexicoís cultural destination
Deep in the heart of the Sierra Madre Mountains is home to the famous romantic colonial artistís town of San Miguel de Allende.
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